This is Kizomba Cardiff
Sam Sheppard, founder of This is Kizomba
the Mission

What is 'This is Kizomba'?

This is Kizomba aims to raise awareness of, and positively promote, kizomba – both the dance and the music. It was founded in October 2015 by Sam Sheppard, who wanted to:

1. Generate interest in kizomba in Wales.

At the time, the kizomba scene in Wales was dying; Sam wanted to be able to learn locally and to share her passion with others.

2. Challenge the misconceptions surrounding kizomba.

Sam had found people often had misconceptions of kizomba; the dance is often misrepresented, sexualised or negatively stereotyped. She wanted to challenge these misconceptions and began a project to share what kizomba means to those who dance it. 

Our Journey

This is Kizomba Cardiff

In addition to launching this website, and social media channels to share what kizomba means to those that dance it, This is Kizomba also inherited David Flor’s kizomba class when he moved to Bratislava and for two years partnered with Jeydikson’s Next Level teaching, as well as hosting weekend workshops and a party, Juntos. Sam is now based in London and so no longer hosts events in Wales.

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